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Content Module: Content Module 81698
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Welcome to your online classroom...

  • This Classroom is Section 1 in the Developing programme
  • Sections 2 to 4 are your virtual Developing workshops
  • After section 4, you'll be expected to work in pairs to practice your skills
  • Section 5 are two online 1 and a half hour teleclasses

About this module

Section 1 contains all of the materials to be completed prior to the workshop.

It also contains information on the different events which make up the course:

  • Self-paced ELearning: videos, reading and reflective writing exercises
  • Information about the virtual workshops
  • Each follow on teleclass event
  • Student Directory
  • Teacher Directory

The classroom may also be used to provide additional resources which may be shared before, during or after the program. Your course leaders will keep you informed of any additions which are made.

Navigate through the course pages by using the 'Next" and "Previous" buttons to the right of this screen or you by accessing the 'Content' link in the left hand side bar.

In the content area you will be provided with a list of all of the Classroom components and can click to go to the specific page directly.

In the 'Documents' section, and below, you will find 

  • A sample coaching log (excel spreadsheet)
  • Sample welcome email - for sending to your new coachees
  • Sample coaching agreement - for sending to your new coachees

We look forward to our time with you in the face to face and teleclass sessions.