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And Finally…

Thank you for participating in these calls. It was a pleasure to support you as you continue to learn and apply coaching skills. Please join us in thanking those who volunteered to coach or be coached on the calls for their boldness.

For all of you who offered your success stories and examples, thanks for your persistence in applying coaching techniques at work. Keep up the good work!

We’ve enjoyed working with you over the last few days and would like to invite you to join your fellow course participants at ‘The Forton Group Meeting Place’ on Linked-In. You can access our network of members, course information, updates to the Professional Leadership Coach Training Model and many other members-only benefits. If you are not already registered, just click on the following link: . Once logged in to Linked In, search for the group 'The Forton Group Meeting Place' and give your name. It’s a closed group, so once we see your application, we’ll welcome you in

We look forward to welcoming you to the growing number of members of The Forton Group Meeting Place!

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