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Information Page: Faculty Sessions
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You will be assigned a Faculty Mentor, and have 4 one-to-one sessions with them, spread throughout the program. 

Additionally, you have access to your Faculty Mentor for general support on your progress from up to an hour. 

Set -Up your one-to-one sessions with your assigned Faculty Mentor. Your Faculty Member will mentor & supervise you as Coach Mentor & Supervisor. 

Session Length: 60 minutes

Session Scheduling: Schedule 4 sessions to be completed as follows: 




# 1

Faculty Mentor Session

October 23rd, 2023,

# 2

Faculty Mentor Session

December 11th 2023

# 3

Faculty Mentor Session

February 26th 2024

# 4

Faculty Mentor Session

April 23rd 2024

The intention of your 4 one-to-one sessions with your assigned faculty member is for you to be Mentored and Supervised as you develop new skills and hone current skills. 

See your student Handbook for further details.