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Certificate in Coach Mentoring and Supervision

“The Coach mentoring and supervision course really expanded and stretched my thinking as an experienced coach.”

Watch for our free Coach Mentor and Supervision Master class starting in June 2024!

Developed and delivered by some of the world's most experienced Coach Training Faculty, this programme provides experienced coaches with the practical skills and tools necessary to support others with coach-mentoring and coaching supervision services.

Are you a seasoned coach interested in:

  • Stretching your coaching capabilities and supporting others to increase their coaching skills and competencies?
  • Expanding your presence in the professional coaching community?
  • Increasing your level of self-awareness and connection to the ICF Core Competencies, and offer support to other coaches to do the same?
  • Being in community with other seasoned coaches?
  • Developing a new way to leverage your coaching skills and carve out a niche for yourself?
  • Learning from pioneers of the modern coaching profession?

Accredited by the ICF as part of the Forton Coaching Professional Leadership Coach training programme Level 2, and as Continuing Coach Education (CCE).

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Coach Mentoring and Supervision Programme and can highly recommend it to coaches who wish to develop their careers.”

About the Programme

This programme offers 40 Continuing Coach Education hours, plus 13 hours of Mentor Coaching for an available CCE total of 53 hours!

You will experience -

An integration of learning styles: content-rich classes with other experienced coaches; demonstration and debrief with masterful faculty; independent study, direct observation and feedback, and collegial conversation.

Expert tutors steeped in a variety of coaching models: this provides a richness to the discussions and supports a diversity of styles.

With deep respect for each other, the ICF core competencies and ethics, and various models of coaching is a unique combination not found anywhere else!

Regardless of the school you originally trained with, this programme is strongly aligned to the ICF Ethics and Competences for 1-1 and team coaching, and committed to diversity in styles, all founded on coaching quality and standards.

Download useful resources:

  • Programme Brochure HERE
  • Overview Programme Live Session Dates
    • North America Pacific time & Asia Pacific HERE
    • North America Eastern time & Europe HERE
  • Detailed Programme Schedule
    • North America Pacific time & Asia Pacific HERE
    • North America Eastern time & Europe HERE
  • Have questions and/or want to speak with a CMS Faculty member email: Cat.Williford@fortoncoaching.com 


The Certificate in Coach Mentoring and  Supervision program helped me to expand the use of my coaching skills in ways that allow me to be a strong support to other coaches and their clients."

What to Expect:  Course Content

Over the course of ten months, you'll explore and dive deeply into a range of topics via intimate group sessions with other seasoned coaches and online multi-media materials; observe master coaching and practice giving feedback to a coach in real time; receive four 1-1 direct mentoring sessions with faculty members and submit four practical and thought-provoking written assignments.

This ICF accredited programme helps you support fellow Coaches to be at their best while addressing:

  • Real-life coaching scenarios & demos
  • Personal concerns
  • Professional challenges
  • Ethical standards & guidance
  • Coaching competencies and skills
  • Personal confidence & resilience

Your Participation Raises and Ensures Standards of Coaching Competencies and Ethics

We offer an experienced perspective in the complex world of executive, leadership, and team coaching. This programme will support you to: 

  • Enhance personal and professional development
  • Improve coaching and reflective practice skills
  • Explore a range of issues and challenges

Support Others to Improve

You will gain the skills and confidence to deliver coach-supervision and mentoring services to fellow professionals, addressing skills development, reflective learning, and ethical practise.

  • Learn to give clear, concise, and actionable feedback
  • Gain clarity on professional boundaries
  • Support and develop emotional awareness and resilience
“Maybe reflective practices offer us a way of trying to make sense of the uncertainty in our workplaces and the courage to work competently and ethically at the edge of order and chaos..."

Tony Ghaye

The Certificate in Coach Mentoring & Supervision Programme Pricing

The 10-month programme, including all live sessions, mentor coaching, one-to-one time with your faculty member: $5999.00    

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