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Leader/Manager as Coach

Too often, people come away from conversations with their managers frustrated and dissatisfied, sometimes unsupported or even threatened.

They feel their talents are not recognised and their contribution not valued by their line manager.

When morale lowers, employee engagement suffers and performance drops.

People are more likely to look around for new opportunities and leave the organisation as a result. This wastes time, money, and effort.

Prevent wastage of good people by improving leaders’ and managers’ coaching skills with this International Coach Federation accredited programme.

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior leaders and executive board members, who need to engage, inspire and motivate others
  • Professionals and technical experts who need to lead teams
  • First time supervisors and managers
  • Leader/Manager as Coach: effective skills in an engaging and interactive programme

This ICF accredited programme builds skill and confidence in: 

  • High performance and goal achievement
  • People development and career growth
  • Appraisals and performance development review (PDR) conversations
  • Giving and receiving everyday feedback

Leader/Manager as Coach Programme Outcomes

Participants will be able to apply their learning and skills to:

  • Give better feedback
  • Hold effective appraisal and development conversations
  • Set clear goals and objectives
  • Support development in others

Forton Coaching's Professional Leadership Coach Training Programmes, accredited by the ICF since 2004